Albany Community Police Review Board

Following a local law passed by the Common Council and signed by Democratic Mayor Kathy Sheehan earlier this year, a ballot measure approved by voters on Election Day gives new the powers to the nine-member board, including the ability to conduct its own independent investigations into complaints filed against police officers.

7th ward Common Councilor Sergio Adams says the CPRB will be touching base with Albany County Sheriff's deputies and New York State Police.

"This is an opportunity to extend the olive branch to all community stakeholders, whether that's the local police or the state police," said Adams. "If you're in the city of Albany and you're patrolling in communities, you should have the input and be at the table to talk and discuss about the things that you're seeing and your findings. And vice-versa where the community members should have the opportunity to speak about those actions with those officers and departments as well."

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