Sergio talks to WAMC about the 7th Ward race

Updated: May 4, 2021

Sergio talked to WAMC about the race, his campaign, and what his priorities will be as your Councilman.

Sergio Adams made an unsuccessful run for the seat in 2017 and is trying again this year. The Hudson Park resident has an urban planning background.

"I decided to run this race because as a resident living in the city of Albany, I've realized over the course of years that housing was a huge issue for me. And when I looked at the housing situation, in the city of Albany, it made me remember much of my childhood, of having issues with housing instability, being unhoused, for several years. And when I graduated from SUNY Albany, with my degree in urban planning, I was figuring out what was the best way to use my skills, and for me that came down to community development."

Adams counts public safety, poverty, youth and housing among his main concerns.

"Affordable housing will always be that number one issue. The 7th Ward, we have quite a few vacant buildings and homes sprinkled throughout the ward. And a lot of this is coming down to again, absentee landlords, and the lack of follow up on these properties when there are issues with them. And so focusing on housing, but also looking at the community, and what the community wants, which is better for traffic control devices, and safety in our neighborhoods."

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