Issues We Face

Sergio is committed to being the Seventh Ward's voice in the room when decisions are made on the most important issues facing our community.


Affordable Housing for All

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the housing crisis we’ve been facing for far too long. I’ve been working with nonprofit affordable housing organizations for over six years and have felt the same struggle so many in our community are experiencing.

To fix this broken system we must:
● Fix our outdated zoning laws to guarantee more affordable housing
● Invest in programs that bridge Albany’s racial homeownership gap, the second largest in the country.
● Stronger protections for tenants, including ensuring that the city opts into the state’s rent stabilization protections
● Invest in rehabilitating vacant buildings and turning them into homes owned by local residents
● Empower code enforcement officials to make repairs to blighted properties


Building Family-Friendly Communities

The best way to build a better city for everyone is to build from the ground up. That means working to improve our neighborhoods that have often felt forgotten by those in power. We need to:
● Install publicly-owned, high-speed internet to ensure that everyone is connected, especially students learning from home.
● Install more streetlights and traffic control devices, to ensure our neighborhoods are more walkable and safer for children and pedestrians.
● Invest in our parks and recreational activities, especially COVID-safe activities for our 7th Ward children.
● Ensure that when the Lincoln Park pool is replaced, the historic circular style is preserved.


Police Reform and Public Safety

I understand the concerns many communities members have about crime and I also understand the fear many people of color have of police. We need to reform our policing so that we can create real accountability, bridge the gap between the community and police, and improve public safety in our community. My plan includes:
● Better oversight regarding police misconduct, including giving independent
disciplinary authority to the Community Police Review Board.
● Expanding and strengthening the community policing program in the 7th Ward,
especially having officers present at night.
● Increasing diversity among the police force so that the police represent the
communities they work in.
● Creative programs that change how we as a community respond to homeless
people and people with mental health conditions and substance use disorders.


Building an Equitable and Sustainable Economy

​COVID-19 has hit communities like ours the hardest. We can’t afford to wait for the pandemic to end. We need to take bold action and we need to do it now. As a Council member I’ll work to:
● Make job Training programs easily accessible to residents of the Ward to help develop new skills for good-paying careers.
● Ensure the new wind turbine manufacturing facility at the Port of Albany hires from within the community.
● Advocate for local small businesses to join the Summer Youth Employment Program to provide more opportunities for our youth
● Provide direct relief for small businesses impacted by the COVID pandemic.
● Work with local MWBEs (Minority and Women-Owned Businesses) to ensure they are receiving all of the benefits available to them


Transparency and Accessibility

We deserve our representatives to be engaged and accountable, whether it is at the Federal, State, or Local level. I’m your neighbor, and I pledge to be available, and to be your voice on the Common Council. I will:
● Hold quarterly town hall meetings
● Send out informative and meaningful newsletter updates
● Maintaining accessibility for constituents to address concerns. My phone will always be on and available for you